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Tips for promoting your Justjamit live show

You can treat Justjamit a bit like a venue, but one where you have a global audience of 7 Billion people!  The more people you bring to a show, the more tips you'll make.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for promoting your live show on Justjamit.


1. Announce on Facebook & Twitter

Do an announcement in advance of any upcoming show and another one as soon as you go live. Use any other social media as well (eg Google+, Instagram, MySpace etc). This is by far the most effective method for driving people to your show!


2. Announce Future Shows

On Justjamit you have the opportunity to advertise your future live broadcasts as an upcoming show. Your event will then appear on the Justjamit homepage.


3. Add Justjamit Friends & Notify

When you go live on Justjamit you have the option to send an email to all your Justjamit friends, so add as many Justjamit friends as you can and then use this feature when you go live.


4. Tell all your Friends

Of course, the more people you tell, the more will come!


5. Utilise Email Lists

As a musician it is always a great idea to build up an email list of all your friends, fans and followers - through this you can advertise the shows.


6. Add to Event Listings

Advertise on gig listing sites and magazines, as well as events directories.  Even your local events directory.


7. Do a Press Release

Newspapers, magazines, blogs and radio stations will all be interested in your upcoming live show.  Performing live shows online is still quite rare and it gives you a great angle to get your show out into the press.


8. Create a Facebook Event

We have found that it can be very effective to create a Facebook Event for upcoming Justjamit shows.  From here you can use all the features of Facebook, such as updates, sharing, event images, analytics, advertising etc to grow the number of people 'Attending' the show.


9. Write to Bloggers and Tweeters

Avid music bloggers and and tweeters are always interested in music events taking place, particularly those which they can also feel a part of.  Find music bloggers and tweeters you have a lot of followers and get them to put word out about your show!


10. Promote in Forums

There are hundreds of excellent music forums, full of people having interesting conversations, including Justjamit's own Community Forum. These provide a great space to put word out about your live show, as long as you don't appear to be spamming, it's perfectly fine to promote an upcoming live online show on most forums, plus it can pull in many people.


Get in touch with the Justjamit Team if you need any assistance with the above and we will be happy to help.  Remember, when announcing future shows it's always recommended you set yourself a reminder and that you do a test broadcast in advance!

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